nedelja, 08. marec 2015


March is already here and spring is right around the corner. Today is International Women's Day which is celebrated on March 8 every year.

So today I wanted to do the pink taq which is circualting on Instagram, but I wanted to post my picture here, because pink is our colour ;)
I realized that I don't own many pink beauty products so this was quite hard.
Basically I have some nail polishes, very few eyeshadows and lipsticks and some perfumes and mascaras. Anyway it was a challenge and I realized that I need to bring more pink colour in my collection .:)

Moving on the Women's Day. I just wanted to say that every day is our day not just on march 8. Today we can only be more spoiled and pampered than usual because we have and excuse ;) We are all beautiful and strong and together we can rock the world!
lots of love, Ana

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