nedelja, 22. februar 2015


A girl can never have too much nail polishes, and you can never go wrong with some pastel colours right? If you combine this two things together you get W7 UV nail polish. Like most girls, I'm a type of person who hates to wait for my nail polish to dry. But if you have such beautiful colours, I'm willing to wait. I ordered mine from website called They have really good offers, beside nail polishes they also have makeup, makeup, face masks and so on. Without further adieu let me show you what I got.

I choose three pastel colours, wich are more suitable for summer, but I dont' mind. Order was very cheap. Each polish was 3,80 euros.
Beside that the packaging is very similar to the O.P.I nail polishes, I think that it's simple and elegant. As I have already mentioned I choose three colours, light purple, light baby blue and more intense pink colour. Also the names of polishes could not be more suitable. Formula does not look to liquidy and neither to thick, but I'll talk more about this when I do a review.
The blue one is called: DANCE, the purple one is RAVE, and the pink one is called CLUBBING
And what's the secret of UV? If you go to the club or disco, your nails will shine under the UV light and you will definitely be noticeable. Pretty awesome right?
Untill next time, Ana
*I apologize for my bad english



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